Kenzie "Shop"
* Kenzie's Ribbon $1 ~ Live, Laugh & Love Like Kenzie
When you see a pink ribbon with white polka dots let it remind you to live each day to the fullest, treasure
each moment, light up the room with your smile, wrap others in the warmth of a hug to let them know they
are loved, and laugh so everyone hears.
These are some of Kenzie's most memorable traits.
We have been selling ribbons to wear in memory of Kenzie since July 22, 2011. As of 9/5/11 over 1,000 have
been made.  All proceeds are deposited into Mackenzie's memorial fund and are being used to fund the
projects you see here on the website.
* Kenzie's Bracelets $1 ~ Live, Laugh & Love Like Kenzie Raeh
We ordered green glow-in-the-dark silicone bracelets that have the phrase "Live,
Laugh & Love Like Kenzie Raeh" written on them.  Like the ribbons, this is
another way to remember Kenzie but they have her name right on them.
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* MRK Baseball Hat $20
Picture coming soon
* Kenzie Raeh Winter Stocking Cap $8
Kenzie Raeh embroidered stocking cap available in white or black (picture coming soon.
* Kenzie Raeh Winter Tassel Hat $12
Kenzie Raeh embroidered winter tassel hat available in black only but embroidered "Kenzie Raeh" in white
or pink (picture coming soon.
events (shown on the home page) or please email me at: and we will make
delivery and payment arrangements (we now accept paypal and credit card payments).