2011 Completed Memorials & Events
~ Thank you to everyone who contributed to these successful events ~
Dealing with Grief, Loss and Other Tough Stuff
Lisa Athan came to Hinckley on September 12th & 13th 2011 to provide presentations to the Kindergarten
through 12th grade classes, the staff at the High School and Elementary, and the community.  Visit Lisa's
website for many helpful resources:

* 140 Invitational Golf Scramble Benefiting Children's Cancer Research Fund
On Saturday August 20th, 2011 the Grand National Golf course hosted the 8th annual 140 Invitational Golf
Scramble benefiting Children's Cancer Research Fund. The attendees of this event presented
Mackenzie's Great-Grandma Diane with a substantial donation for the Mackenzie Raeh Klar Memorial

* Lakes Gas Open House
August 18th, 2011 ~ Lakes Gas at their new location in Hinckley held an open house lunch with a free will
offering. All proceeds were donated to the Mackenzie Raeh Klar Memorial Fund.

* First Lutheran Youth Group Chicago Mission Trip
July / August 2011 the First Lutheran Youth Group placed Mackenzie's initials "MRK" on their group shirts.
The group enjoyed feeling like Mackenzie was part of their trip and telling people they encountered about